Unity in Diversity

We have a common goal - a better tomorrow

We are both creative and grounded, visionary and practical

We are a community of people who think for themselves and invent

We design and experiment

We compose, sing and write

We build and chase down new ideas

We are Tigers

. . . . . . . . .


Message from Coordinator of Student Activities & Senior Advisor

See Mr. Colbert in room 236a or e-mail at SColbert@groverclevelandhs.org for more information on any of the following:

Sports, Fundraising, School Events, Student Council, Celebrating Senior Year, Purchasing School Apparel, Joining the Student Association, Extracurricular Activities & Clubs.

Gmail Account Setup - Steps for Freshmen to Sign In to School Gmail

Follow the steps below to add your Grover Cleveland High School Gmail account on your computer (Chrome browser) or on your phone to access High School Learning resources such as Google Classroom and more.

We structure student emails as follow

Your First Name (plus) First letter Of Your Last Name (plus) Last 4 digit of your Student ID Number (plus) @groverclevelandhs.org


if a student Name is: Ted Wilk


if a student’s ID Number (OSIS) is: 123456789


The student email will be as follow:


Here are print screens of students' login steps

Students Clubs

List of Fall Clubs

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

John Lennon Bus standing in front of the school building

Moments of GOLD

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phrase "the future start today not tomorow"
Students gathered on the school football field in a shape of hart
Group of seniors entering graduation ceremony
Three Seniors with their graduation diplomas
Seniors marching in their gowns
Seniors standing in Auditorium