"Martin Luther King said "I have a dream"

We Are Dreamers and Doers

Emoji created by a students showing Peace Sign

... and

that's what we do

Student: Richard B.

Emoji created by a students showing a girl

Student: Angelyna S.

A girl skateboarding

Learning is like SURFING - so much fun!

And, it makes me feel GOOD when I am getting smarter!

Student: Leslie M.

A fish tank - fishes are display using computer art program

Wishful beginnings

From a small puddle to a steamI had thought this place was only a dreamFor all my hardships had all goneAll my fears finally lost
My tears had driedMy aches went awayHowever, my memories still remainAnd the feelings I have left permanent stains
Even so, I will go onFor those who I loveFor those who have lostI shall keep up the fight till the end
And so my Wishful life truly begins

Student: Angelyna S.


-New Beginnings-

Student: Genesis C.

art by a student displaying colorful area rug

White New York

Photos by: Ayesha K, Amr M, Maria M, Tyler R, Patryk R, Genesis C.

Searching for Treasure

Student: Catherine V.


Self Portraits

Who am I?

“Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking” -Johan Wolgang von Goethe

Self Portraits by: Ariana F, Lucia Y.

When you are in a garden you feel like a flower

Student: Leslie M..

Self portrait of a female student
A dragon as part of a video game created by a student

FireDragon - no, don't be scared, it is just a game that Fiby created.

Yes, we learn how to CODE too as we got many talents!

Here's the game

Student: Fiby S.


what to do when I did not...

Here's the game created by a student

Student: Maria C.

Student created a video game
Video gave created by a students

school short story!

(hope, the teacher is not me)

Click on the link here or on the image to play

Student: Fiby S.

drawing of flying pigeon

La Paloma Pirata

Student: Maria C.

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