Mr. Wilk

Cisco Academy Certified InstruuctorAmazon AWS TeacherNational Educational Equity Lab Teacher


  1. AP Computer Science
  2. Cisco - Networking and Cybersecurity
  3. AutoCAD - Principles of Design
  4. AWS - Cloud Computing
  5. Honor Database

Computer Science, Business, and Information Technology is my passion

As a Computer Science and Business Technology Teacher, I provide high-quality and data-driven instruction in computer science, networking, and database. In alignment with both College Board and Cisco or Amazon who are Grover Cleveland educational partners. I design my curriculum to focus on computational thinking, coding, inter-networking and Cyber Security. Success in any computer science class or computer career depends on many things. All students can learn, but not all students can learn in the same way so my curriculum is differentiated to support learning styles and achievement levels. Not only do I teach “hard” skills such as engineering or Information Technology, I foster the teamwork and problem solving skills necessary for success. I’m also proud of the open communication I’ve developed with both students and families regarding academic, social and emotional progress which further benefits my students.

Being a teacher is a great challenge. Through my long and successful career as a business and technology executive, I’d never considered how mentally and physically demanding it is to teach. However, now that I’ve taken on the responsibility of teaching my skills to the next generation, I’ve come to realize how critical a career it is. It truly is a vocation.

As an Innovative Business Technologies and Computer Science teacher, I prepare our students for their future by teaching the fundamentals, setting an example of integrity and building business and technical principles.