Parent Association 

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Parent Association 


Grover Cleveland High School 

Michelle Prezzy– President   |   Adriana Behri – Secretary  |   Antonella Natale - Treasurer 

Mrs. Martinez - Parent Coordinator (Room 129)  

Tel. 718-381-9600 ext: 1311 


Town Hall will also be live streamed. Please register for this event at the following link,

AIRSS (Area Information Relay and Safety System) Alert 

The purpose of this communication is to promote heightened awareness for your                                       security team and school community.  


There have been a number of incidents recently where young female students have been approached by unknown adults attempting to lure them into vehicles.  Children should be encouraged to be aware of surroundings when traveling to/from school.  They should avoid the use of headphones or other electric devices that can be a distraction to keeping themselves safe.  Please also urge children to travel in groups and stay on populated routes while traveling to/from school.  Reinforce that they should never stop to speak to strangers. Please call 911 and notify me if you receive any such reports. 


Please take the time to review the suggestions listed below with your students and families: 


•         Always go directly to and home from school; 

•         Always walk to and from school with companions; 

•         Never permit strangers to engage you in conversation; 

•         If you feel unsafe, leave the area immediately and, if approached in a threating manner, call out, “Leave Me Alone!” 

•         Seek help from friends or an adult that you know; 

•         If you are near a school building, police station, or store, enter that building and seek help immediately; 

•         Never take anything, especially candy, chewing gum or a toy from an unknown adult; 

•         If you feel threatened by a stranger, call the police at 911 


Visit the NYCDOE Info-Hub, for more information. 

NYC School Survey - web

How is the Survey information used? School leaders use feedback from the survey to reflect and make improvements to schools and programs. Survey results are also used to help measure school quality.To review the results, see the School Quality Guide under the "NYC School Survey Results and Quality Review" tab for a link to each school’s report: View 2021 Survey results in the School Quality ...

Parent Association Executive Board Members

Roles and Responsibilities 

PA/PTA President or Co-Presidents 

• conducts and chairs all PA/PTA meetings 

• builds consensus through parliamentary procedures 

• coordinates the work of the Executive Board officers and committees of the association 

• signs PA/PTA checks 

• is the primary representative to the appropriate Presidents’ Council 

• serves as a mandatory member of the School Leadership Team

 • plans agendas for general membership meetings with Executive Board officers 

• encourages parent involvement and member participation • appoints chairpersons of PA/PTA committees (fund-raising, hospitality, etc.) 

• assists with the June transfer of all PA/PTA records to the incoming Executive Board

PA/PTA Treasurer 

• keeps a record of all income received by the PA/PTA 

• keeps a record of all PA/PTA expenses 

• provides a written Treasurer’s report at each PA/PTA meeting 

• contributes to the development of the PA/PTA proposed budget 

• prepares the January Interim PA Financial Report, June Annual PA Financial Report and all other monthly reports (i.e., fundraising activity reports, monthly Treasurer reports) 

• deposits money in the PA/PTA checking account • signs PA/PTA checks • assists with the June transfer of PA/PTA financial records

PA/PTA Recording Secretary 

• records motions, votes, decisions, financial activity, reports and discussion at all association meetings (minutes) 

• shares minutes at each general membership meeting for review and adoption by the membership 

• ensures that PA/PTA records are available to the general members upon request and reasonable notice 

• prepares responses to all incoming correspondence 

• maintains an accurate file of all incoming and outgoing correspondence 

• prepares all meeting notices and agendas for distribution at association meetings 

• receives all of the association’s mail and directs mail to the appropriate Executive Board officer

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What is the School Leadership Team (SLT)?

Here is a full description School Leadership Team 

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