Covid Positive Case Protocals

Quarantine Criteria for COVID-19

Students or staff members may be informed they were a close contact to an individual with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and have to complete a quarantine period. This means they will be required to stay home so they do not risk exposing others to COVID-19 if they become sick.

  • Close Contact: The standard quarantine period is fourteen (14) days after last close contact with a person while they were contagious with COVID-19 (48 hours prior to onset of symptoms).

  • Household Contact: If the student or staff member lives in the same household as the confirmed case and has daily close contact, they will have to quarantine for an additional fourteen (14) days after the day their household member has been cleared from their isolation period.

All students under quarantine may engage in Virtual Learning while they are not attending school in person.

Management of Suspected and Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

The school has identified a school Nurse as the COVID Coordinator who will, in communication with the NYC DOH Physician and will oversee the articulated aspects of Health Screening, Containment, and Return to School.

School buildings have a room to isolate students or staff with symptoms of COVID-19 identified during the school day.

Students and staff should be moved safely, respectfully, as well as in accordance with applicable privacy laws or regulations, to the isolation room for evaluation. The individual should be provided a mask if they are able to use one, and students should be supervised by a staff member who maintains at least 6’ of distance and uses appropriate PPE.

Confirmed Case in a School/Classroom:

We must use every effort to prevent the spread of infection in schools if a student or staff member is feeling sick or has a confirmed case of COVID-19. This section explains the protocols in place to achieve this. The most fundamental guidance remains that any student or staff member should stay home if they are not feeling well.

If a student or teacher is feeling sick, they are required to stay home and, if their symptoms are consistent with COVID-19, are asked to get tested. If a student begins experiencing symptoms in school, they will be isolated and monitored by a dedicated staff member until they are picked up by their family. Staff members who become symptomatic at school are asked to immediately leave the building.

Whether symptoms begin at home or in school, there will be a clear flow of information to facilitate fast action and prevent spread. A positive confirmed case will trigger an investigation by NYC Test + Trace and DOHMH to determine close contacts within the school. Schools will communicate to all families and students at school once a case is laboratory confirmed.

The DOE is working in tight coordination with DOHMH and the Test + Trace Corps to identify, isolate, and prevent spread of COVID-19. In the event that there is a laboratory- confirmed case in a school, all students and teachers in that class are assumed close contacts and will be instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days since their last exposure to that case.

Additionally, the DOHMH and Test + Trace Corps will begin an investigation into the risk of exposure to the school community and work with the DOE to issue clear guidance and decisions for next steps based on the outcome.

These protocols center the health of our students and staff at the very core of this school year, while pursuing the resumption of in-person learning and educational services. The City will continue to closely monitor health conditions, and if community transmission begins to rise across the boroughs, a decision may be made to close all schools and switch to full-time remote learning.