Before Arrival

Doctor's Graphic


All students, faculty and staff are reminded that they must stay home if they feel sick .

Prior to leaving your home all students and adults should take their temperature.

Students and adults should also ensure that they have face-covering with them each day. If you forget your face coverings at home we will provide you with one at school. You will not be permitted to enter the school without face covering.

Checking Temperature for Covid-19


Prior to entering a school building no student with a temperature of 100.0° F or greater should come to school. Upon arrival at school, trained personnel will be taking student temperatures with touch-less IR thermometers. Students with temperatures of 100.0° F or greater will be escorted to a designated location where they will wait. A parent or guardian will be called to immediately pick up the child from school. Families will be encouraged to go their personal physicians or will be provided with information of NYC DOH testing sites. Students may be re-admitted to a school upon producing a negative test result. If the student does not produces a negative test result they must self quarantine before returning to school.

Any student or staff member who test positive must inform school personnel of their positive test.

All staff members and visitors will also be subject to random temperature screenings.

Person wearing a face mask


  • Students and staff members should ensure that they have personal mask/face-covering with them each day.

  • Students and staff members must wear masks/face coverings whenever they are in our buildings including in classrooms, hallways, gyms and restrooms.

  • Information and resources to assist schools in instructing on the proper use and cleaning of facemasks are on the CDC webpage on cloth face coverings: